Amigurumi Cute Unicorn Free Crochet Pattern

We continue to bring together the most beautiful amigurumi patterns related to Amigurumi. In this article you are waiting for a of amigurumi cute unicorn pattern.


•Mr: Magic ring,

• sc: single crochet,

•İnc: increase,

•DEC  decrease,

• x: repeat.

•BLO: Back Loop only,

•FLO: Front Loop only,

•DC: Double crochet.


YarnArt Velor two colors

Alize Softy or Kartopu Ana Kuzusu (for mane)

YarnArt Camellia (for horn)

Hook number 3

Eyelets on a secure mount 12 mm


Black thread for cilia


 White thread

1.6 sc into magic ring

2.6 inc (12)

3. (1sc, inc) x6 (18)

4. (2sc, inc) x6 (24)

5. (3sc, inc) x6 (30)

6. (9sc, inc) x3 (33)

7. (10sc, inc) x3 (36)


 Change the thread to pink

9-10. 36sc

11.13sc, inc, 4sc, inc, 4sc, inc, 12sc (39)

12.13sc, inc, 5sc, inc, 5sc, inc, 14sc (42)

13.13sc, inchsc, 6hsc, inchsc, 6hsc, inchsc, 14sc (45)

14. (14sc, inc) x3 (48)

 In the 13th row, insert the eyes. I insert in the first and last increments of the half-columns with

double crochet. Embroider cilia and fasten the eyes.

15-20. 48sc

21. (10sc, dec) x4 (44)

22. (9sc, dec) x4 (40)

23. (8sc, dec) x4 (36)

24. (4sc, dec) x6 (30)

25. (3sc, dec) x6 (24)

26. (2sc, dec) x6 (18)

27. (1sc, dec) x6 (12)

 Stuff your head with filler.

28.6dec (6)

 Tighten the hole


 I knit in 2 threads

1.6c into magic ring

2-3. 6sc

4. (1sc, inc) x3 (9)

5-6. 9sc

7. (2sc, inc) x3 (12)

8-9. 12sc

 Fill the horn with filler and sew


1.4 sc into magic ring

2. (1sc, inc) x2 (6)

3. (2sc, inc) x2 (8)

4. (3sc, inc) x2 (10)

5. (4sc, inc) x2 (12)

6. (5sc, inc) x2 (14)

7. (6sc, inc) x2 (16)

 Fold in half and knit 8sc through both sides of the ear


1.6c into magic ring

2. 6sc

3. (1sc, inc) x3 (9)

4-6. 9sc

Sew ears and horn:


 We start in white

1.6 sc into magic ring

2.6 inc (12)

3. (1sc, inc) x6 (18)

4. (2sc, inc) x6 (24)

5. (3sc, inc) x6 (30)

6.30sc behind the back wall

7. (3sc, dec) x6 (24)


 Change to pink

9. (2sc, dec) x6 (18)

10-11. 18sc

12. (1sc, dec) x6 (12)

13-15. 12sc

 Fold in half and knit 6sc through both sides.


 We start in white

1.6 sc into magic ring

2.6 inc (12)

3. (1sc, inc) x6 (18)

4. (2sc, inc) x6 (24)

5.24sc behind the back wall

6. (2sc, dec) x6 (18)

 Change to pink

7-9. 18sc

10. (1sc, dec) x6 (12)

11-12. 12sc

13. (4sc, dec) x2 (10)

14-15. 10sc

 Fold in half and knit 5sc through both sides.


1.6c into magic ring

2.6inc (12)

3. (1sc, inc) x6 (18)

4. (2sc, inc) x6 (24)

5. (3sc, inc) x6 (30)

6. (4sc, inc) x6 (36)

7. (5sc, inc) x6 (42)

8. We knit the lower legs:

 Put the leg on the body and knit together 6sc, 20sc

 Apply the second leg 6sc together, 10sc. (42)

9-12. 42sc

13.4sc, (2sc, dec) x6, 14sc (36)

14. (4sc, dec) x6 (30)

15.6sc, 6dec, 12sc (24)

16-18. 24sc

19. We knit handles:

 Put the pen on the body and knit together

5sc, 8sc We attach the second handle 5sc together, 6sc.

20. (1sc, dec) x6 (18)

 Leave the thread for sewing on the head.

Using the knitting needle, attach the head evenly and sew on. Do not sew to the end


Sew a tail:

For mane. We cut the yarn of the required length, smooth it in half and fix it with a loop.

Congratulations, your unicorn is ready!