Amigurumi Minie Mouse Free Crochet Pattern

In this article we will share the amigurumi cute dog free crochet pattern. Amigurumi related to everything you can not find and share with you.

MR Magic Ring

Ch Chain

Sl st slip stitch
Sc single crochet
Hdc half double crochet
Dc double crochet

Tr (or trc) triple (or treble) crochet
Inc increase (Add one or more stitches.)
Dec decrease (Eliminate one or more stitches.)

The size approx. The amigurumi is 35 cm, woven with the materials described in

continuation. The size varies depending on the thickness of the material and the size of the hook

use in your making.

The materials used are:

Kartopu amigurumi black and pink or fuchsia: 80gr

Kartopu amigurumi white and skin color: 30gr

18mm oval black eyes

White felt: 20 x 20 cm

Contact glue

Sheathed wire, wooden wand or the like

Pink and red fabric paint

½ inch pvc pipe (18 cm)

Pink decorative button


Head (black)

R1. İnto magic ring 6 sc (6)

R2. 6 inc (12)

R3. (1sc, 1 inc) x6 (18)

R4. (2sc, 1 inc) x6 (24)

R5. 1 sc, 1 inc, (3sc, 1 inc) x5, 2 sc (30)

R6. (4sc, 1inc) x6 (36)

R7. 2sc, 1inc, (5sc, 1 inc) x 5, 3 sc (42)

R8. (6sc, 1 inc) x 6 (48)

R9. 3sc, 1 inc, (7sc, 1 inc) x 6, 4 sc (54)

R10. (8sc, 1inc) x 6 (60)

R11. 4sc, 1inc, (9sc, 1inc) x 5, 5sc (66)

R12. (10sc, 1 inc) x 6 (72)

R13. A R24. 1sc at each point (72)

R25. (10sc, 1 dec) x 6 (66)

R26. 4sc, 1 dec, (9sc, 1 dec) x 5, 5sc (60)

R27. (8sc, 1 dec) x 6 (54)

R28. 3sc, 1 dec, (7sc, 1 dec) x 5, 4 sc (48)

R29. (6sc, 1 dec) x 6 (42)

R30. 2sc, 1 dec, (5sc, 1 dec) x 5, 3sc (36)

R31. (4sc, 1 dec) x 6 (30)

R32. 1 sc, 1 dec, (3sc, 1dec) x 5, 2sc (24)

Ears (4 pieces)

In black

R1. İnto magic ring 7sc (7)

R2. 7 inc (14)

R3. (1sc, 1inc) x 7 (21)

R4. (2sc, 1 inc) x 7 (28)

R5. 1sc, 1inc, (3sc, 1inc) x 6, 2sc (35)

R6. (4sc, 1 inc) x 7 (42)

R7. 2sc, 1inc, (5sc, 1 inc) x 6, 3sc (49).

Bind off leaving thread.

Join 2 pieces to make an ear. Place one in front of the other and make a 43 sc turn,

leaving 6 points unjoined.

In the 6 stitches that were not joined, both ears are sewn to the head, with a distance of 6

points between each ear.

Eye patches (2 pieces)

Skin color

R1. 14 ch + 1 to go up (15)

R2. 13 sc, 3 sc in the last ch, 12 sc, 1 inc (30)

R3. 1 inc, 12sc, 3 inc, 12sc, 2inc (36)

R4. 1sc, 1inc, 12sc, (1sc, 1inc) x3, 12sc, (1sc, 1inc) x 2 (42)

R5. 2sc, 1inc, 12sc, (2sc, 1inc) x 3, 12sc, (2sc, 1inc) x 2 (48)

Bind off leaving strand

On the head mark between rows 10 and 11. Sew both patches under the marks


Insert the safety eyes into a piece of white felt, cutting around to

give it an oval shape. Leave the light of the eyes upwards. Total felt length: 4-5 cm.

Between turn 2 and 3 of the eye patches (previously sewn together), we make our way

to introduce the safety eyes, with 3 turns of separation between them. Paste the felt.

Embroider 3 long eyelashes in black over each eye

Cheeks (skin color)

R1. 24 ch + 1

R2. 23sc, 3sc in the same ch, 22sc, 1inc (50)

R3. 1inc, 22sc, 3inc, 8sc, 6 dc, 8sc, 2inc (56)

R4. 1sc, 1inc, 10sc, 1dec, 10sc, (1sc, 1inc) x3, 9sc, 4 dc, 9sc, (1sc, 1inc) x2 (61)

R5. 2sc, 1inc, (5sc, 1dec) x3, (2sc, 1inc) x3, 9sc, 4 inc dc, 9sc, (2sc, 1inc) x2 (68)

R6. 4sc, (4sc, 1 dec) x 3, 21sc, (1sc, 1inc) x4, 17sc (69)

R7. 4sc, (3sc, 1dec) x3, 21sc, 6 dec, 17sc (60)

Place the cheeks just below the eyes, leaving room to place the filling.

The chin (dc stitches) are sewn in the middle of the lower edge of the head.

Before finishing closing, we fill giving shape to the cheeks and chin. To close.

Sew the nose (see nose) and define the chin by stitching from side to side in skin color.

Embroider in black the upper line of the smile, joining the dots that we sink in the step


Embroider the lower curved line of the smile and paint the tongue in pink and the rest of the

mouth curve.

Paint the cheeks pink.

Nose (skin color)

R1. İnto magic ring 6sc (6)

R2. 6inc (12)

R3. (3inc, 3sc) x2 (18)

R4. 18 sc (18)

R5. [(1sc, 1inc) x3, 3sc] x2 (24)

R6. 24sc (24)

R7. 2sc, 1inc, (2 dc, 1 inc dc) x 2, 3 dc, (1inc dc, 2 dc) x2, 1 inc double crochet, 2 double crochet, 3 sc


R8. 4sc, 18 dc, 8sc (30)

R9. 4sc, 1 dc, 2 inc dc, 12 dc, 2 inc dc, 1 dc, 4sc. Finish without finishing the round

Tip of the nose (black)

R1. İnto magic ring 6sc (6)

R2. 6 inc (12)

R3. (3inc, 3sc) x2 (18)

R4. 18sc (18)

R5. (3dec, 3sc) x2 (12)

Top off.

Sew the tip of the nose (oval) horizontally into the initial magic ring of the nose

(skin color)

Sew the nose to the cheek piece (stuffed). Inc in dc round 9 nose

corresponds to the sides of this piece.

Embroider a line in white at the top of the nose as a gloss.

Body (white)

R1. İnto magic ring 7sc (7)

R2. 7 inc (14)

R3. (1sc, 1inc) x 7 (21)

R4. (2sc, 1 inc) x7 (28)

R5. 1sc, 1inc, (3sc, 1inc) x 6, 2sc (35)

R6. (4sc, 1inc) x7 (42)

R7. (6sc, 1inc) x 6 (48)

R8. A R11. 48sc (48)

R12. (6sc, 1dec) x 6 (42)

R13. A R15. 42 sc (42)

R16. (5sc, 1 dec) x3, 21sc (39)

Color change to black

R17. BLO (11sc, 1dec) x 3 (36)

R18 to R19. 36sc (36)

R20. (10sc, 1 dec) x3 (33)

R21. A R23. 33sc (33)

R24. (9sc, 1 dec) x3 (30)

R25. A R26. 30sc (30)

R27. (dec of 4sc, 11sc) x 2 (24)

R28. A R29. 24sc (24)

Leave long strand to sew to the head.

Returning to the free strands of round 17 knit: 4 ch, skip 1 stitch, 1 dwarf in the next row.

Repeat all round.

An 18 cm piece of PVC should be inserted into the head and the rest into the body. Then it

proceed to join these parts by sewing the 24 points of the head with the 24 points of the neck.

This process is carried out once the arms and legs are sewn to the body.


Arms (black)

R1. İnto magic ring 6sc (6)

R2. (1sc, 1 inc) x 3 (9)

R3. BLO 9 sc (9)

R4. A R19. 9sc (9)

Sew to the body at the height of round 27 declines

Hands (white)


R1. İnto magic ring 6sc (6)

R2. (1sc, 1inc) x 3 (9)

R3. A R5. 9sc (9)

Top off

Fingers of each hand

R1. İnto magic ring 6sc (6)

R2. (1sc, 1inc) x 3 (9)

First finger: 6 rounds of 9sc

Second finger: 7 rounds of 9sc

Third finger: 5 rounds of 9 sc

Finger Union

R1. 4sc (1st finger), 5sc (2nd finger), 9sc (3rd finger), 4sc (2nd finger), 5sc (1st finger) (27)

R2. A R7. 27sc (27) Fill

R8. (1sc, 1dec) x 9 (18)

R9. (1dec, 1sc) x 6 (12)

R10 and R11. 12sc (12)

R12. (3sc, 1 inc) x 3 (15)

R13. 15 sc and fold

Sew thumbs on opposite sides of each hand, at row 6.

Embroider 3 lines in black on each hand.

Sew to the arms, introducing 3 rows inside.

Legs (black)

R1. İnto magic ring 6sc (6)

R2. (1sc, 1inc) x 3 (9)

R3. BLO 9 sc (9)

R4. A R13. 9sc (9)

R14. (2sc, 1 inc) x 3 (12)

R15 (3sc, 1inc) x 3 (15)

Leave long thread to sew at the foot

R16. Take R3 again and knit in 9sc white color (9)

R17. 4 ch in the air, 1 sc, (repeat the whole round)

Feet (black)

R1. 9 ch +1 (10)

R2. 8sc, 3sc at the same point, 7sc, 1 inc (20)

R3. 1inc, 7sc, 3inc, 7sc, 2 inc (26)

R4. 1sc, 1inc, 7sc, (1sc, 1inc) x3, 7sc, (1sc, 1inc) x 2 (32)

R5. 2sc, 1inc, 7sc, (2sc, 1inc) x 3, 7sc, (2sc, 1inc) x 2 (38)

R6. 3sc, 1 inc, 7sc, (3sc, 1inc) x 3, 7sc, (3sc, 1inc) x 2 (44)

R7. 4sc, 1 inc, 7sc, (4sc, 1 inc) x 3, 7sc, (4sc, 1 inc) x2 (50)

R8 and R9. 50sc (50)

R10. 4sc, 1 dec, 7sc, (4sc, 1 dec) x 3, 7sc, (4sc, 1 dec) x2 (44)

R11. 3sc, 1 dec, 7sc, (3sc, 1 dec) x 3, 7sc, (3sc, 1 dec) x2 (38)

R12. 2sc, 1 dec, 7sc, (2sc, 1 dec) x 3, 7sc, (2sc, 1 dec) x2 (32)

R13. 1sc, 1 dec, 7sc, (1sc, 1 dec) x 3, 7sc, (1sc, 1 dec) x2 (26)

R14. 1 dec, 7sc, 3dec, 7sc, 2 dec (20)

Close with needle.

Sew the leg at the end of the initial chain of the foot.

Sew the other end to the body with white thread, leaving 6 points of separation between each


Shoes (Hot Pink)

R1. İnto magic ring 6 sc (6)

R2. 6 inc (12)

R3. (1sc, 1 inc) x 6 (18)

R4. (5sc, 1inc) x 3 (21)

R5. (6sc, 1 inc) x 3 (24)

R6. (5sc, 1inc) x 4 (28)

From here you work in rows

R7. 28sc, ch and rotate

R8. 20sc, ch and rotate

R9. 3sc, 1inc, 5sc, 1inc, 6sc, 1inc, 3sc, ch and rotate

R10. 3sc, 1inc, 15sc, 1inc, 3sc, ch and rotate (25)

R11 to R18. 25sc ch and rotate

R19. 3sc, 1dec, 15sc, 1dec, 3sc (23) ch and rotate

R20. And R21. 23sc, ch and rotate

R22. 3sc, 1 dec, 13sc, 1dec, 3sc (21) ch and rotate

R23. 6sc ch and rotate

R24. A R31. 6sc ch and rotate.

Close with needle. Once closed, everything is turned around the sc and the

bows in front.

Shoe bows

Unlocked magic ring (3 ch, 3 double double crochet, 3 ch, 1 dwarf) x 2. Adjust the


Finished shoe

Put the shoes on the feet.

Dress (Fuchsia or hot pink)

R1. 36 ch +1

R2. 36sc, ch and rotate

R3. 8sc, 5sc at the same point, 16sc, 5sc at the same point, 8sc, skip 2 (42) ch. AND


R4. 7sc, 7ch, jump 8 points, 12sc, 7 ch, jump 8 points, 7sc (40) cad and rotate

R5. 40sc, join with a p. dwarf

R6. A R12. 40sc

R13. 10sc, 1inc, 8sc, 1inc, 9sc, 1inc, 10sc (45)

R14. 5sc, 1inc, 31sc, 1inc, 5sc (45)

R15. (8sc, 1inc) x 5 (50)

R16. 4sc, 1inc, (9sc, 1inc) x 4, 5sc (55)

R17. (10sc, 1inc) x 5 (60)

R18. (5sc, 1inc) x 10 (70)

R19. (6sc, 1inc) x 10 (80)

R20. (9sc, 1inc) x 8 (88)

R21 to R22. 88sc (88) Finish

Knit a loop of sc around the neck, and on the back we close with a button



Turn 3 of the dress

R1. 7sc (armpit), 8inc (shoulder) (23)

R2. A R4. 23sc

R5. 7sc, (2sc, 1dec) x 4 (19)

R6. 7sc, (1sc, 1dec) x 4 (15)

R7. (3sc, 1dec) x 3 (12)

R8. 12sc (12). Top off.

Place the dress on the body and with fuchsia thread embroider a line between rounds 7 and 8 of the

dress. Below this line stick white felt circles 1.5 cm in diameter


Cut the shape of the neckline of the dress in white felt and glue.

Bow (knit 2 in fuchsia)

R1. 64 ch + 1

R2. (4sc, 24 dc, 4sc) x 2 ch and rotate

R3. [4sc, (7 dc, 1 inc dc) x 3, 4sc] x 2 (35) ch. And spin

R4. A R5. (4sc, 27 double crochet, 4sc) x 2. Cad and turn

R6. (7sc, 21 double crochet, 7sc) x 2. Cad and turn

R7. (8sc, 19 double crochet, 8sc) x 2. Cad. And rotate

R8. (10sc, 15 double crochet, 10sc) x 2. Cast off.

With thread of the same color as the bow, twist to form the central part of the piece.

Cut out circles of white felt 1.5 cm in diameter and glue on the bow (dots). Sew to


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