Baskets With Monkey Free Pattern

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The monkey can wagging a tail (a wire skeleton), and also with a mimicry (it was my idea!).
I present to you the author’s monkey! Do not judge Strictly, the description is not good, but I want to share the idea.
Knitted from the Threads of Soviet times (about 200 m-50 g), Hook № 4 for baskets and № 3 for the monkey (I knit tight).

The description of the monkey is very easy to adapt to any capacity or jar. You will need to change only the length of the torso and the length of the arms.
And now the process itself:
All the work was built on 2 diagrams:
Scheme of the Circle:

Oval pattern (for head and body):

I knitted it in the group “needlework and creativity with solar”.
Plastic jar took a diameter of 11.5 cm and a height of 9 cm. The bottom was knitted on the scheme “circle”, the wall of the basket is knocked behind the rear walls without additions. Then 2 parts (external and internal) connected together by connecting columns.

Head and Body
Brown thread.
1-3 P: Knit on the scheme oval-Add (40)
4-17 r: 40 SBN (40)
18-20 P: Knit on the scheme Oval 3 p., but in reverse order, making Ubavki (22)
21 P: As the 1st P. Schemes Oval-Ubavki (3 svn together, 8 SBN, 3 SBN together, 8 SBN) (18)
22 P: 18 SBN (18) neck
23p: As the 1st P. Scheme Oval-increments (24)
24 P: As the 2nd P. Scheme Oval-increments (30)
25-47 P: 30 SBN (30)
48 P: As the 2nd P. Oval Scheme-Ubavki (24)
49 P: As the 1st P. Scheme Oval-Ubavki (18)
50-51 P: As the 1st P. Scheme Oval-Ubavki (3 SBN together) (14)
The ready head with a body slightly to fill with synpoom and to sew. It should be a flat shape, about 2.5-3 cm thick.
Important! The length of the body should be equal to the height of the jar!

Hands (2 children)
Light threads.
1r: 6 in the Ring Amigurumi (6)
2R: OL * 6 (12)
3r: (1 SBN, D) * 6 (18)
4r: (2SBB, D) * 6 (24)
5 -8 P: 24 SBN (24)
9 p: UB, 10 SBN, UB, 10 SBN (22)
10 p: UB, 9 SBN, UB, 9 SBN (20)
11R: UB, 8 SBN, UB, 8 SBN (18)
Brown thread.
12 p: 18 SBN (18)
Then knit another 27 p. Straight, like 12 p. (hand length 12 cm)
Fill with a little synth.
Brown thread.
1r: 6 in the Ring Amigurumi (6)
2R: OL * 6 (12)
Further knit another 48 R. (12) (tail length 22 cm)
The wire (approximately 24 cm) on the ends of the bends and gently wound the synth, insert into the tail.
Ears (2 parts)
Light threads.
1r: 6 in the Ring Amigurumi (6)
2R: OL * 6 (12)
3r: (1 SBN, D) * 6 (18)
4r: (2SBB, D) * 6 (24)
5r: (3 SBN, D) * 6 (30)
Fold in half and tie together with brown threads.
Legs (2 parts)
Light threads.
1r: 6 in the Ring Amigurumi (6)
2R: OL * 6 (12)
3r: (1 SBN, D) * 6 (18)
4-5 P: 18 SBN (18)
6 P: Ave, 8 SBN, D, 8 SBN (20)
7 p: Knit under the scheme below 1p (left and right)

Fill the legs with a little bit of synth and then tie around, connecting the fingers together with the connecting Poles.
Eyes (2 details)
Thin black thread, I have “Iris”, Hook 1.1
1r: 6 in the Ring Amigurumi (6)
Thin blue threads, I have iris
2R: OL * 6 (12)
Hide the threads and sew the white beads neatly, as pictured.
Brown thread.
Knitting a chain in length of 9 sm, and 1 p. Снн with the extended loops in height of 2 sm (I have wrapped up a ruler). Fold in half and sew.
Muzzle and its decoration
Light threads.
1r: 6 in the Ring Amigurumi (6)
2R: OL * 6 (12)
3r: (1 SBN, D) * 6 (18)
4r: (2SBB, D) * 6 (24)
5r: (3 SBN, D) * 6 (30)
6-7 P: 30 SBN (30)
8r: (4 SBN, D) * 3 times; 15 SBN (33)
9r: 5 SBN; In the trail. Loop (SBN, PSN, с1n, PSN, SBN)-(in this loop then we will make eye) 5 SBN;
In the trail loop (SBN, PSN, с1n, PSN, SBN)-(eye), 21 SBN (41)
10r: 7 SBN, D, 2 SBN, UB, SBN, UB, 2, D, 23 SBN (41)
11R: Evenly in the circle to add another 6 SBN, and between the eyes to make 2 Ubavki (45)

Then we make face (as in the photo).

In places where in the 9th row we have knitted 5 loops in 1 SBN, we prišhivayem our bound eyes. Brown threads embroider the nose. From the brown thread knit a chain of the EAP and make a mouth.
Important! The mouth is sewing the same thread, making the fixup only in the corners, then the monkey can build different faces!

Face fill with a synth and sew a thread of light color (the one that is knitted face) with a secret stitch to the head.
Important! Further, without lifting a thread, by secret stitches, we sew a semicircle under eyes, as on a photo (a black dotted line), a synth at this shift downwards, then the muzzle will turn out more relief (in the area of an eye synthepon should not be).
Ears and hair are nailed to the head.
Stick to the torso of the hand.
We attach the carcass and arms to the basket.
The tail is pressed first for a wire ring, then in a circle and bend, as it is pleasant.
The legs are nailed.
Decorate with a bow. (In fact, there are a lot of decorating options: You can tie a hat; You can sew the skirt on the back and attach the bow to your hair, etc. All in your hands!)
The basket with the monkey is ready. All nice knitting and smooth eyelets. I would be glad if my description is useful, and you do we owe your relatives, friends or familiar budget gift.
And a few photo ideas with gifts:
The handkerchief will be a wonderful gift for both the young girl and the business Lady of the balsamic age.

Socks connected with their hands will warm up in any weather.
Threads will always be happy to the needlewomen.

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