Crochet Mandala Hoops / Wall Hangings

I’m not sure that I can find many more counter tops or tables in my home for my crochet mandalas (what am I saying, I can always find more space ). While I don’t mind the surfaces in my house looking a bit yarn bombed, my thought is that the hubby may not feel the same way.  Don’t get me wrong. This won’t stop me from making mandalas or “doilies” because they are quick, beautiful and fun.  However, I was trying to think of how I might be able to hang them on a wall without getting into a starchy mess.There is still wall space, friends!When I was browsing the craft aisles at JoAnn Fabric, I saw the little hoops for cross stitch and became set on making a mandala in a hoop. These really are little hoops at just 5 inches in diameter.  I’m liking how they turned out. Don’t you think that they would be great for adding  a punch of color to a little bathroom wall, or a child’s room?


I kid you not. Every time I take my daughter to buy yarn, she grabs the little bonbons from Lion Brand and asks me to buy them.  I have resisted even to the point of a tantrum, because I really wasn’t sure what of what I could make with the cute tiny things.  This project, though, was the perfect opportunity to buy baby her bonbons and make something pretty.  The colors are so much fun to play around with, and there is plenty of yarn to make a few hoop mandalas.


See all of the vibrant colors in this package of little, cotton yarn? No wonder my daughter wanted them so badly-this is as close as it gets to yarn being candy. So many mandala possibilities :).

You could certainly make a mandala in a hoop with a worsted weight yarn as well, using a different pattern than the one below. You would simply have to wrap the yarn around the outer hoop rather than the inner hoop (you can see the explanation below).**You should know how to single crochet, double crochet, and crochet in the round for this pattern. If you never have crocheted in the round, just head over to YouTube and look up crochet in the round. After you see how it is done, you can easily make this mandala! It is very simple, as it’s a series of single and double crochet stitches.** Feel free to mix up and play around with the colors.** If you want a tighter fit in your hoop, skip the last round. I just wanted some extra color on the end, and it fits well into the hoop. However, if you imagine a tighter fit, you can totally skip that round.Supplies for Little Crochet Mandala Hoop:Size 2 Fine Yarn – I used Lion Brand bonbonSize F crochet hookScissorsTapestry needle to weave in endsOne or more 5 inch hoops from a craft store

The pattern below is for this mandala with the purple. Half of the fun is getting wild with the colors, so have fun with it!

Mandala Pattern:Chain 4, join with a slip stitch (you will now have a loop or hole to crochet into)Round 1 (With White) Chain 3 (counts as one double crochet), then Double Crochet 11 more stitches into the hole, slip stitch in top of chain 3 to join round (Total of 12 stitches)Round 2  Change colors (Yellow) – Chain 3 (counts as one double crochet), Double Crochet two times in each stitch, slip stitch to join (24 DC stitches total)Round 3 Change colors (Purple), Chain one, *single crochet in first stitch, single crochet two times in next stitch*Repeat from * to * around, slip stitch to join at end (36 stitches)Round 4 Chain one, *single crochet in first stitch, single crochet in next stitch, two single crochets in third stitch*Repeat from * to * around, slip stitch to join (48 stitches)Round 5 Change colors (White), Chain 3, counts as one double crochet. The pattern for this row goes as follows: *DC one time, DC one time, DC one time, DC two times into stitch.*Repeat from * to * around, slip stitch to join at the end of round. (60 stitches)Round 6 Change colors (Teal), Chain one, *single crochet one time, single crochet one time, single crochet one time, single crochet one time, single crochet two times into stitch *Repeat from * to * around. Slip stitch at end. Tie off.Weave in all loose ends.You now have a loose little mandala that needs tied into the hoop.Attach to hoop:Unscrew your hoop in order to remove the inner hoopHold your mandala in the hoop and begin to single crochet AROUND the hoop

You can see here that I pulled up the yarn from under the hoop. I am about to make a single crochet stitch to attach my completed mandala to my hoop. Continue to put your hook through the mandala, grab your yarn, pull up and crochet around your hoop. It’s really easy.

 If you make a mandala with a worsted weight yarn, you will want to attach it to the outer hoop. The inner hoop slips inside the outer hoop. The worsted weight yarn may cause it to be too bulky to fit inside of the outer hoop.

See those little screws on the top? Those loosen and you can remove the inner hoop, which is what you will crochet around once your mandala is complete.

Feel free to modify this pattern any way that you would like. If you know how to crochet in the round, your possibilities are endless. Have fun and enjoy your wall art :).


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