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Cute Girl Amigurumi Doll Free Crochet Pattern

In this article I will share with you a cute amigurumi doll pattern, you can find the latest free patterns about amigurumi on our site.

I wish you a pleasant crochet.


Gazzal Baby Cotton rope;
1 piece Fry mouth (3412) color rope
1 piece Orange (3419) color rope
1 piece Lilac (3420) color rope
1 piece White (3410) color rope
1 piece Brown (3436) color rope
2 mm crochet hook
Fiber, scissors, needle,
6 mm amigurumi eye
Pink embroidery floss


Mr = Magic ring

sc = single crochet

inc = Increase

dec = decrease

sl-st = slip-stitch

Dc = Double Crochet

Dc(inc) = Double crochet increase


Arm Making (2 pieces)

We start with a baby rope.

1) Magic into ring 6sc

2) (İNC, SC,) * 3 (9SC)

3) İNC, 4SC, İNC, 3SC (11SC)

4) SC, İNC, 5SC, İNC, 3SC (13SC)

5) 2SC, popcorn, 10SC (13SC)

6) 13SC

7) 2SC, DEC, 4SC, DEC, 3SC (11SC)

8-24) 11SC

We continue with lilac color.

25) 11sc with Blo

26) (3SC, İNC) * 3 (15SC)

27) (4SC, İNC) * 3 (18SC)

28-31) 18SC

32) (4SC, DEC) * 3 (15SC)

33) (3SC, DEC) * 3 (12SC)

34) (4SC, DEC) * 2 (10SC)

We fix and cut the rope.
You can turn the last place to a lilac color by pulling a chain with orange rope.
When weaving the arms, we do fiber filling.

Leg Making (2 pieces)

First we start with lilac color rope because we will make shoes.

1) We pull 7 chains, 12sc from the second stitch (we have completely filled the chain around.)

2) 1sc to the edges, the front and rear parts will increase 3 times. (18sc)

3) We only increase the front and rear parts 3 times. (24sc)

4) We only increase the front and rear parts 3 times. (30sc)

5) 30sc as Blo

6-8) 30sc

White color on the rope.

9) We do 8 times decrease in the front part. (22sc)

10) We do decrase 4 times in the front part. (18sc)

11) We do decrase 2 times in the front part. (16sc)

12-15) 16sc

16) Flo as 1sc, we make a chain. (For Socks Ruffle)

We continue to knit the leg to the color rope puppies.

17) We do 16sc with the remaining parts of the loops where we make Flo.

18-40. 16sc

We continue with lilac color rope.

41-43) 16sc

When weaving the legs, we do fiber filling.

We are turning the place from lilac to white with the chain for the shoe edge. We do 10 chain pulling shoe band.

When we knit one leg, we cut the rope. After knitting the other leg, we combine the two legs with 3 chains.


We continue with lilac color rope.

1) 7sc, inc, 9sc, inc, 8sc, inc, 9sc, inc, sc (42sc)
(We are surrounded around the 3 chains we pull to join.)

2-9) 42SC

10) (12SC, DEC)*3 (39SC)

11-12) 39SC

13) (11SC, DEC)*3 (36SC)

14-15) 36SC

16) (10SC, DEC)*3 (33SC)

17-18) 33SC

19) (9SC, DEC)*3 (30SC)

20-22) 30SC

23) 29SC, İNC (31SC)

24) 5SC, İNC, 9SC, İNC, 5SC, İNC, 9SC (34SC)

25-26) 34SC

27) 32SC, DEC (33SC)

28) 6SC, DEC, 18SC, 4SC, SC, DEC (31SC)

(In the meantime, we combine the arms by taking the stitches from the arms)

29) 6SC, DEC, SC, 4SC, SC, DEC, 6SC, DEC, 2SC, DEC, 3SC (27SC)

30) 2SC, DEC, 5SC, DEC, SC, DEC, 2SC, DEC, 2SC, DEC, SC, DEC, 2SC (21SC)

31) 9SC, DEC, 10SC (20SC)

We’re getting a little baby.

32) 20sc as Blo

33) 4sc, dec, 8sc, dec, 4sc (18sc)

34-35) 18sc

36) 18sl-st

We move on from here.


1) (2SC, İNC)*6 (24SC)

2) (3SC, İNC)*6 (30SC)

3) (4SC, İNC)*6 (36SC)

4) (5SC, İNC)*6 (42SC)

5) (6SC, İNC)*6 (48SC)

6) (7SC, İNC)*6 (54SC)

7) (8SC, İNC)*6 (60SC)

8) (9SC, İNC)*6 (66SC)

9-12) 66SC

13) (9SC, DEC)*6 (60SC)

14) (8SC, DEC)*6 (54SC)

15-25) 54SC

26) (7SC, DEC)*6 (48SC)

27) (6SC, DEC)*6 (42SC)

28) (5SC, DEC)*6 (36SC)

29) (4SC, DEC)*6 (30SC)

30) (3SC, DEC)*6 (24SC)

31) (2SC, DEC)*6 (18SC)

32) (SC, DEC)*6 (12SC)

33) 6DEC (6SC)

We’re closing all the loops.

We put the eyes between the 16th and 17th rows. There will be 10 single crochets between two eyes.

We do this by throwing rope several times in the nose part of the kitten with color rope.

Yavruağzı color rope with the edge of the mouth and pull the rope to create the pits.

We process mouth, eyebrows and eyelashes with embroidery threads.


We start knitting with orange rope.

1) We pull the chain around the waist circumference of the baby and make a ring. (Do by measuring above)

2) We make 1 DC per loop. We’re filling the whole chain.

3) We fill a loop with 1 DC and a loop with 1 DC(İNC) (DC, DC(İNC), DC, DC(İNC), DC, DC(İNC)….)

4) We fill 3 times DC, once DC(INC). (DC, DC, DC, DC(İNC), DC, DC, DC, DC(İNC)….)

5-11) We make 1 DC per loop.

We’re moving on a lilac color string. 1 chain, 1sc we turn the whole row. Thus, we make the lace look at the end of the skirt.

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