Doll Sweet Witch Amigurumi Free Pattern

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This master class does not contain crochet tutorials.

The toy is knitted in a spiral, unless otherwise indicated. Use a marker at the beginning of each row.

Level: Intermediate.

Materials and tools

1. Yarn Children’s novelty pekhorka (colors black, cutters, white, orange), Semenovskaya souffle (purple)

2.filling – sintepon eyes 12 mm, a little white felt, eyelashes (I have dolls in a ribbon) tulle for a skirt,

5.2 lilac satin roses + decorative lilac button

6.neck wire or sushi sticks

7.puppet weft black

8. Scissors

9. Glue gel

10. Needle for sewing on details

11. Hook 2.00


 Sc – single crochet

 inc -increase (2 loops, knitted from one sc), unless otherwise specified

 dec-decrease (2 loops tied together)

 Sl-st-slip sititch

 Ch-chain

dc- double crochet



Start knitting with body-colored yarn

1p-5 sc into magic ring

2p- 5inc (10)

3-7rr- 10 sc

Change the thread to purple

8p- (sc, inc) x5 (15)

9-19rr-15 sc

Finish, cut the thread.


We knit with a black thread.

1p-We put on a chain of 7 ch, in the 2nd loop from the hook we knit inc, 4 sc, 4 sc in the last loop of the chain, 4 sc, inc (16)

2p-inc, sc, inc, 2 sc, inc, sc, 2inc, sc, inc, 2 sc, inc, sc, inc (24)

3р-2 inc, 2 sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 2 sc, 3inc, 2 sc, inc, 3 sc, inc, 2 sc, inc (34)

4p-4 sc, inc, 12 sc, 2 inc, 10 sc, inc, 4 sc (38)

5p – for the back half loop 38 sc

6-8rr-38 sc

9p-12 sc, (sc, dec) x6, 8 sc (32)

10p-12 sc, 6 dec, 8 sc (26)

Change thread to orange

11p for back half loop 26 sc

12p-dec, sc, dec, sc, (sc, dec) x6, 2 sc (18)

Change the thread to white. Next, change the thread every 2 rows.

13-14rr-18 sc

Change thread to orange

15-16rr-18 sc

Change thread to white

17-18rr-18 sc

Change thread to orange

19-20rr-18 sc

Change thread to white

21-22rr-18 sc

Change thread to orange

23-24rr-18 sc

Change thread to white

25-26rr-18 sc

Change to orange

27-28rr-18 sc

Change thread to white

29-30rr- 18 sc.

Finish, cut the thread.

Attach the thread to the side of the shoe, where we will attach the strap, and type a chain of 11ch.

We throw it to the opposite side, attach it, hide the thread.

We knit the second leg in the same way


We continue to knit the torso.

31р-Connect the legs 3 sc in the middle (knit from toe to heels), put a marker and continue knitting in a circle (4 sc, inc) x6 (36)

32p-36 sc

33р- (5 sc, inc) х6 (42)

34р- (6 sc, inc) х6 (48)

35-38rr-48 sc

39p- (6sc, dec) x6 (42)

Change thread to body color

40p for back half loop 42 sc

41p- (5 sc, dec) x6 (36)

42p-36 sc

43p-36 sc

Change thread to purple

44p – for the back half loop 36 sc

45p for back half loop 36 sc

46-51rr-36 sc

52p- We attach the arms to the body like this: knit 11sc over the body from the back, 6 sc knit along the loops of the arms and body at the same time, 11 sc along the body in front, 6 sc along the body and arms at the same time, 2 sc along the body (36)

53p-11 sc along the body, 9 sc along the arm along the outer edge, 11 sc along the body, 9 sc along the arm along the outer edge, 2 sc along the body (42)

54-55rr-42 sc

56р-11 sc, dec, (2 sc, dec) х2, 10 sc, dec, (2 sc, dec) х2, sc (36)

57p- (4sc, dec) x6 (30)

Change thread to body color

58p – for the back half loop (3 sc, dec) x6 (24)

59p- (2sc, dec) x6 (18)

60p- (sc, dec) x6 (12)

61-64rr- 12sc

We insert the wire, first bending it at the end.

65р- (sc, inc) х6 (18)

66р- (2sc, inc) х6 (24)

67р- (3 sc, inc) х6 (30)

68р- (4sc, inc) х6 (36)

69р- (5 sc, inc) х6 (42)

70р- (6 sc, inc) х6 (48)

71р- (7sc, inc) х6 (54)


77p-26 sc, 6dec, 4sc, 6dec (42)

78-84rr-42 sc

85p- (5sc, dec) x6 (36)


86p- (4sc, dec) x6 (30)

87r-30 sc

We also tighten the second end of the wire, hide the filler inside.

88р- (3sc, dec) х6 (24)

89p- (2sc, dec) x6 (18)

90р- (sc, dec) x6 (12)

91p-6dec Finish. Cut the thread.

We cut out circles from felt, glue in 78 rows, glue on the whites of the eyes, glue the cilia.

We make the mouth tighten. We embroider a nose, eyebrows.

We count 5 rows from the eyes to the chin, place 2 marker needles at a distance of 2 sc from each other.

From above, we introduce a needle into the crown of the head, output it into one marker, leaving the tip of the thread on top. We insert the needle into the next marker, display it on the crown. We pull the two ends of the thread at the crown. We tie a knot, cut the thread, hide it.


1. Glue 2 roses on the shoes. Sew an asterisk-shaped button on the blouse.

2. Attach white thread to row 39 and tie sl-st in a circle.

3. We attach the purple thread to the 44th row and tie the blouse according to the scheme:

A) 4ch, dc in the same loop, (dc, ch, dc in one loop, repeat to the end of the row), sl-st.

B) 3ch, dc under the arch of the previous row, ch, 2 dc under the arch, dc, (2dc, ch, 2dc in one loop), dc … repeat to the end of the row, sl-st.

4. Sew on the skirt. Cut the tulle into strips (30cm x 5cm), string it on a needle and thread (seam “in front of the needle”). We pin the skirt at the waist, sew 44 rows for the remaining front half-loops

5. Sew on the weft starting from the middle of the head.

I don’t like to sew on, so I glued them on a transparent glue-gel. Gradually raising each row higher, we reach the crown.


 1p-4 sc into magic ring

2p-4 sc

3p-inc, 3 sc (5)

4p-inc, 4 sc (6)

5p- inc, 5 sc (7)

Knit, making 1 increase in each row until we get 24 sc in a circle.

…) -inc, 22 sc (24)

Next, we knit making 2 increments in each row

…) – (inc, 11 sc) х2 (26)

…) – (inc, 12 sc) х2 (28)

…) – (inc, 13 sc) х2 (30

Add 2 stitches in each row until we get 40 sc in a circle

…) – (inc, 18 sc) х2 (40)

Next, we knit by adding 4 loops.

…) – (inc, 9 sc,) x4 (44)

Change the yarn to purple.

…) – (inc, 10 sc) х4 (48)

…) – (inc, 11sc) х4 (52)

Change the thread to black

…) – for the front half loop 52 sc

…) -52 inc (2 sc in each loop) (104)

Knit 3 rows unchanged 104 sc in a circle. Finish.

Cut the thread, hide.

We sew the hat to the head.



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