Rainbow Flower Bag Crochet Pattern

Rainbow Flower Bag

We’re making superb progress with Burton Yarn Trent, our crochet town, but sometimes you just need a little break! I guess that’s why so many of us have several (or very many) projects on the go at once.
I confess to having at least 6 or 7 at any one time, but I really do think it’s a good idea to have project that is completely different to pick up when you get bored (yes, getting bored with a project does happen and that’s ok) or just need to use some different colours! When working on the river sections, I think I had seen enough blue to last me a lifetime and was good and ready to tackle something on the opposite end of the spectrum!!

My hook has whipped so many sections of road that if I have to crochet anything else even remotely grey I may scream!
So this is my rainbow flower project to get a little – or a lot – of colour back in my life.
I confess that the main bag (just made of rows of trebles) was sitting in my project box already but I wanted to add some adornments to it. I had seen a lady walking round town with a lovely simple bag covered in tiny felt flowers and it really caught my eye, here is my crochet version.

If you’re not confident enough to make a lined bag from scratch, I encourage you to make loads of flowers, grab some buttons and cover a bag you already have. A tote bag would look adorable covered in these and they work up really quickly. It’s also a brilliant way to work through odds and ends of yarn you have cluttering up your project pile.

Rainbow flower
Oddments of colourful yarn in dk
Crochet hook, anything from 3mm – 4.5mm would be ideal.
Colourful buttons
Yarn needle
ch             chain
slst            slip stitch
dc            double crochet
tr            treble
Magic circle, 5dc into circle and tighten.
Slst, (2ch, 2tr into same st as the slst, 2ch, slst into same st, slst into next st) 4 times, 2ch, 2tr into same st as the slst, 2ch, slst into same st, slst back into 1st st.
Pull yarn through to finish and leave a long tail before cutting yarn. Weave in shorter yarn end, and use the long one to sew the button to the centre of the flower, and the flower to the bag. Weave in final end to finish.
You will find that there are quite a few ends to sew in, but the final result is most defiantly worth it!!
For everyone getting involved with #BurtonYarnTrent, you can also make some of these that my team and I can sew into the park and gardens.
I’d love to see your version, and if you’d like to get involved with Burton Yarn Trent, use the hashtag #BurtonYarnTrent on social media and check out these patterns:

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