Spiderman Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi spiderman free crochet pattern, amigurumi related to the latest shares we continue to bring you.

With Amigurumi knitting toys, your children will stay away from carcinogenic substances while playing extremely enjoyable games.


La Mia Diamond ip;
1 piece Red (L004) rope
1 piece Blue (L159) rope
1 pcs Black (L006) rope
1 piece White (L001) rope
2.5 mm crochet hook
Needle, Scissors
Black rope in a thinner structure than for other ropes (for legs, arms and head), (We will do the spider processing in the body with our rope we use in amigurumi.)
Note: We follow the places to be processed visually, without filling our toy to the appropriate places.


sc: Single crochet
inc: Increase
dec: decrease
Blo: Back loop


Legs and Body

We start with our red rope.

1) Magic ring into 6sc

2) 6inc (12)

3) (1sc,1inc)*6 (18)

4) (2sc,1inc)*6 (24)

5) (3sc,1inc)*6 (30)

6) Blo 30sc

7-9) 30sc

10) 8sc, 7dec, 8sc (23)

11) 9sc, 1dec, 1sc, 1dec, 9sc (21)

12) 6sc, 3dec, 6sc (18)

13-18) 18sc

19) Blo 18sc

We do the processing without knitting the blue part.

We’re going to blue yarn.

20-36) 18sc

First leg is over, we cut our rope.

We knit the second leg and pull the 3 chains together to connect the two legs.

Now we continue with the hull.

37-42) 42sc

43) Blo 42sc

Yarn with red color.

44-54) 42sc

55) (5sc,1dec)*6 (36)

56) (4sc,1dec)*6 (30)

57) (3sc,1dec)*6 (24)

58) (2sc,1dec)*6 (18)

59) (1sc,1dec)*6 (12)

Body’s over.

We’re processing the spider before it comes to the reduction.


We start with our red rope.

1) Magic ring into 6sc

2) 6inc (12)

3) (1sc,1inc)*6 (18)

4) (2sc,1inc)*6 (24)

5) (3sc,1inc)*6 (30)

6) (4sc,1inc)*6 (36)

7) (5sc,1inc)*6 (42)

8) (6sc,1inc)*6 (48)

9) (7sc,1inc)*6 (54)

10-20) 54sc

21) (7sc,1dec)*6 (48)

22) (6sc,1dec)*6 (42)

23) (5sc,1dec)*6 (36)

24) (4sc,1dec)*6 (30)

25) (3sc,1dec)*6 (24)

26) (2sc,1dec)*6 (18)

27) (1sc,1dec)*6 (12)

We process spider web processing before filling fibers. We’re starting to work before we start to reduce.

The head is over here, leaving the rope long cut and stitching the body together.


We start with our red rope.

1) Magic ring into 6sc

2) 6inc (12)

3) (1sc,1inc)*6 (18)

4-5) 18sc

6) 1sc,1dec (12)

7) Blo 12sc

8-12) 12sc

We’re on the blue rope.

13) Blo 12sc

14-23) 12sc

We’re on the red rope.

24) Blo 12sc

25-26) 12sc

We fold our braid in half and close it with 6sc.

We cut the rope long to sew.


1) Magic ring into 3sc

2) 3inc

3) 1inc,1sc,1inc,1sc,1inc,1sc

4) 1sc,1inc,2sc,1inc,2sc,1inc,1sc

5) 1sc,1inc,3sc,1inc,3sc,1inc,2sc

Note: At the end of each row we turn to the other row by turning the back of our weave.

To make the eyes look smoother, we often inject needles along the line of the magic ring.

We set eyes on the cobweb and hide our ropes.

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