Amigurumi Cat Francico Free Crochet Pattern

23 cm (9”) tall when using Bella Pingouin 100% cotton yarn, colors White No.002, Steal

No.1819, New Grey No.1815, Cana No.622, and Clover Soft Touch crochet hook 2,25mm

Crocheting in continuous spiral, crocheting in rounds, magic ring, chain, slip,

single crochet stitches, increasing and decreasing.

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Legs, body and head are worked together, starting from bottom to top.

The arms, ears and tail are sewn to the main part.

– White, light grey, dark grey and tiffany blue yarn;

– 2,25mm crochet hook;

– Soft stuffing;

– Embroidery floss (dark gray and pale pink);

– A pair of safety eyes (6mm);

– 2 yellow decorative buttons (8mm);

– Scissors, yarn needle, stitch markers, pins.

 Read the entire pattern before you start.

 Work in a continuous spiral, without closing off the rounds with a slip stitch,

unless instructed otherwise in the pattern.

 Use a stitch marker or a piece of contrasting color yarn to mark the

beginning of each round.

 All stitches are worked into both loops, unless instructed otherwise.

 Make sure to crochet tightly to prevent little gaps between the stitches

once you fill the pieces firmly with stuffing. If needed, try a smaller crochet hook.

 Stuff firmly, unless instructed otherwise. Use the stuffing to help you to shape your

pieces. Before closing a part, check if you still need to stuff it a little bit more.

 To make smaller or larger dolls use thinner or bulkier yarn, and adjust the sizes

of crochet hook, eyes and decorations.

 To make a clean color change: 1. Complete the last sc in color A by pulling the last

loop through with color B; 2. sl st in the next st with color B; 3. continue to crochet

around with color B.

 To help you sewing pieces together, first pin them onto the right places.

 If your round pieces look hexagonal, or if you want to make your increases/decreases

less visible, you can use the following formula:

When the round has an even number of stitches between the increases/decreases,

split the first section of stiches in half, so half the stitches are at the start of the round

and the other half are at the end of the same round. Example:

Rnd 8: [1inc, 6sc] 6x (48sts) → 3sc, 1inc, [6sc, 1inc] 5x, 3sc (48sts)

Rnd 21: [1dec, 6sc] 6x (42sts) → 3sc, 1dec, [6sc, 1dec] 5x, 3sc (42sts)

 For children 0-3 years old, replace any small parts (like the eyes and decorative

buttons) with embroidered details. For children older than 3 years, use safety eyes.


mr – magic ring

st(s) – stitch(es)

ch – chain stitch

slst – slip stitch

sc – single crochet stitch

hdc – half double crochet stitch

dc – double crochet stitch

rnd(s) – round(s)

approx – approximately

inc – increase

dec – decrease (sc 2sts together)

sc3tog – decrease (sc 3sts together)

BLO – back loop only

FLO – front look only

[…] Nx – repeat N times whatever is in

between the square brackets

*…* – crochet all instructions between

asterisks into the same stitch

(…) – total amount of stitches in a round

With white yarn.

1. 6sc in mr (6sts)

2. 6inc (12sts)

3-8. 12sc (12sts)

Stuff as you go.

Change to light grey.

9-30. 12sc (12sts)

Cut yarn, fasten off and weave in end.

Repeat first leg until rnd 30, but don’t cut yarn.

Ch9.The next rnd will connect the legs to form

the body.

31. 12sc around first leg, 9sc along one side of

the ch, 12sc around second leg, 9sc along

the other side of the ch.


Stuff as you go.

32-34. 42sc (42sts)

35. [1dec, 12sc] 3x (39sts)

36-37. 39sc (39sts)

38. [1dec, 11sc] 3x (36sts)

39-40. 36sc (36sts)

41. [1dec, 10sc] 3x (33sts)

42-43. 33sc (33sts)

44. [1dec, 9sc] 3x (30sts)

45-46. 30sc (30sts)

47. [1dec, 13sc] 2x (28sts)

48. 28sc (28sts)

49. [1dec, 12sc] 2x (26sts)

50. 26sc (26sts)

Make approx. 4 extra sts to begin the next rnd at the

corner of the body.

51. 3sc in the same st, 12sc. Repeat. (30sts)

52. [3inc, 12sc] 2x (36sts)

53. [1inc, 1sc] 3x, 12sc. Repeat. (42sts)

54. [1inc, 2sc] 3x, 12sc. Repeat. (48sts)

55. [1inc, 3sc] 3x, 12sc. Repeat. (54sts)

56-70. 54sc (54sts)

Make approx. 8 extra sts to get to the corner of the

head. Cut yarn leaving a long tail and fasten off.

With dark grey embroidery floss, embroider the nose

between rnds 58 and 59. The nose should be 6sts long

and 3sts tall. Place the safety eyes between rnds 58

and 59, approx. 12 sts apart.

Stuff the head firmly but try to leave the top corners

without stuffing to help you to make the creases.

With a yarn needle, close the opening on the top

of the head. Weave in the end.

Pinch the corners of the head to form the creases. Then

make a few stitches from one side to the other to keep

creases in place. (These creases will prevent the top of

the head to get too wide)

With light grey.

1. 6sc in mr (6sts)

2. [1inc, 1sc] 3x (9sts)

3. [1inc, 2sc] 3x (12sts)

4. [1inc, 3sc] 3x (15sts)

5. [1inc, 4sc] 3x (18sts)

6. [1inc, 5sc] 3x (21sts)

Cut yarn leaving a long tail for sewing the ears to the

creases of the head. Weave in ends.

With pale pink embroidery floss.

1. 6sc in mr (6sts)

Cut yarn leaving a long tail and fasten off.

Sew the cheeks to the face. Weave in ends.

With white.

1. 5sc in mr (5sts)

2. 5inc (10sts)

3-7. 10sc (10sts)

Change to light grey. Stuff as you go.

Leave the top 2cm without stuffing.

8-24. 10sc (10sts)

Flatten the opening end and close it by crocheting

over with sc sts. Cut yarn leaving a long tail for sewing the

arms to the body between rnds 49 and 50. Fasten off.

TIP: Try to crochet the shorts with less tight sts.

Hold the body with the head pointing towards you.

With dark grey make a rnd of slip stitches between rnds

38 and 39. This will be the rnd 1 of the shorts.

Work rnd 2 BLO.

2. 36sc (36sts)

3. [1inc, 11sc] 3x (39sts)

4. 39sc (39sts)

5. [1inc, 12sc] 3x (42sts)

6-9. 42sc (42sts)

Now, you’re going prepare to make the legs of the shorts. Each

leg consists of 18sts, leaving 3sts between them. Use stitch

markers to indicate the first and the last sts of the left leg.

Make approx. 6 extra sc sts at the end of rnd 9 to get to the st

marked as the last one. Insert the hook from the outside into

the stitch marked as the first one and crochet the left leg.

1-3. 18sc (18sts)

4. 18slst (18sts)

Cut yarn, fasten off and weave in ends.

Use 2 stitch markers to indicate the first and the last stitches of

the right leg. With a new piece of yarn, insert the hook into the

st marked as the first one. Repeat rnds 1-4. Cut yarn, fasten off

and weave in ends. Sew up the opening between the legs.

Weave in ends.

With dark grey.

Sl st in the first st of rnd 1 of the shorts, ch34.

Cut yarn and fasten off leaving a tail to sew the end to

the last st of the same rnd. Weave in ends. Sew a

decorative button on both ends of the suspenders.

The pocket is worked in linear crochet,

turning the piece at the end of each rnd.

With tiffany blue, ch5.

1. Skip first ch from hook, 4sc, ch1, turn (4sts)

2-3. 4sc, ch1, turn (4sts)

4. 4sc (4sts)

Cut yarn leaving a long tail for sewing and fasten off.

Sew the pocket to the back of the shorts, between rnds

3 and 4. Leave an open end at the top of the pocket.

Weave in ends.

With white.

1. 6sc in mr (6sts)

2. [1inc, 2sc] 2x (8sts)

3-4. 8sc (8sts)

Change to light grey.

5-6. 8sc (8sts)

Change to white.

7-8. 8sc (8sts)

Change to light grey.

9-10. 8sc (8sts)

Change to white.

11-12. 8sc (8sts)

Change to light grey.

13-30. 8sc (8sts)

Do not stuff the tail.

Cut yarn leaving a long tail for sewing the tail

between rnds 4 and 5 of the shorts. Weave in ends.

The bow tie is worked in linear crochet, turning

the piece at the end of each rnd.

With tiffany blue, ch13.

1. Skip first ch from hook, 12sc, ch1, turn (12sts)

Work rnds. 2-6 BLO.

2-5. 12sc, ch1, turn (12sts)

6. 12sc (12sts)

Cut yarn, fasten off end weave in ends.

Wrap another piece of yarn around the center of the

bow about 8 times. Secure with a knot and sew the bow

tie to the neck between rnds 50 and 51. Weave in ends.

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