Saddle Up for Creativity: Amigurumi Horse Free Crochet Pattern

Are you ready to embark on a crochet adventure that combines your crafting skills with the timeless grace of a horse? Welcome to our enchanting world of amigurumi, where we’re thrilled to introduce you to our Amigurumi Horse Free Crochet Pattern.

Meet the Amigurumi Horse, a magnificent creation that captures the elegance and charm of these majestic creatures. This crochet pattern is perfect for both seasoned crochet enthusiasts and those just starting their crafting journey, offering a delightful project that results in a stunning and cuddly companion.

Crafting your own Amigurumi Horse is more than just creating a toy; it’s about bringing the spirit of these remarkable animals to life. With our easy-to-follow pattern, you’ll be guided through every step, from crafting the intricate details of the mane and tail to forming the expressive features that give your horse its unique personality.

Whether you’re making this amigurumi masterpiece for a horse-loving child, as a decorative piece for your home, or as a gift for a fellow equestrian enthusiast, your finished creation is sure to be a work of art that’s cherished for years to come.

So, gather your crochet supplies and your favorite yarn colors, and saddle up for a crochet journey like no other. Crafting your very own Amigurumi Horse is not only a rewarding and relaxing experience but also a way to create a lasting symbol of beauty and grace.

Start crocheting your Amigurumi Horse today with our free crochet pattern, and set forth on a creative voyage that celebrates the magic of horses. Join us in the world of amigurumi, where yarn transforms into art, and where the spirit of these magnificent creatures gallops into your heart.

I love horses very much and have been doing horseback riding for several years. I decided on a master class


Any yarn of your choice (light horse, dark saddle);

Hook under the yarn (I have it 1.75);


Aluminum wire (or any other wire);

Eyes beads;

Sewing needle;


Pastel for tinting;



Sc – single crochet;

İnc – increase;

Dec – decrease;

3sc together – 3 single crochet under one vertex;

sl-st – slip-stith

Hdc – half crochet;

Ch – chain;

P – loop;

4sc together – 4 single crochet knitted together (under the same apex).

So let’s get started


Knit with light yarn (in my case beige)

1) 2ch second from hook n

2) (inc) 6 times (12)

3) (1sc, inc) 6 times (18)

4) (2sc, inc) 6 times (24)

5) (3sc, inc) 6 times (30)

6) (4sc, inc) 6 times (36)

7) 5sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 4sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 4sc, inc, 6sc, inc, 2sc (43)

8) 4sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 4sc, inc, 5sc, inc, 4sc, inc, 5sc, inc, 7sc, inc (51)

9) 3sc, inc, 4sc, inc, 5sc, inc, 4sc, inc, 7sc, inc, 8sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 8sc (58)

10) Skip 28sc in 29p knit sc

Knit head

1) 29sc

2) 26sc (3hdc in 1p) 2 times (32)

3) 5sc, dec, 5sc, (dec) 2 times, 5sc, dec

9sc (28)

4) 9sc, (dec) 2 times, 11sc, inc, 3sc (27)

5) 27sc

6) 3sc, dec, 10sc, dec, 6sc, inc, 3sc (26)

7) 17sc, dec, 7sc (25)

8) 6sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 7sc, inc (24)

9) 20sc, (dec) 2 times (22)

10) 9sc, dec, 7sc, (dec, sc) 2 times (19)

11) 6sc, dec, sc, ub5sc, (dec) 2 times (15)

12) 15sc

13) 3sc, dec, 9sc (14)

14) 12sc, 3hdc in 1p, inc hdc, 1sc, dec, 1sc, hdc, hdc, inc hdc, hdc, hdc, 2sc, 6sc (17)

15-16) 17sc


17) (dec, sc) 5 times dec



Attach the thread from the side (DO NOT FOLLOW THE MARKER)

1) 14sc, inc, 15sc (30)

2) 30sc

3) 30sc

4) 13sc, inc, 16sc (31)

5) 15sc, inc, 17sc (32)

6) 14sc, inc, 17sc (33)

7) 14sc, inc, 18sc (34)

8) 34sc

9) 13sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 17sc (36)

10) 15sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 17sc (38)

11) 38sc

12) 38sc

13) 16sc, inc, 1sc, inc, 19sc (40)

14) 19sc, inc, 20sc (41)

15) 41sc

16) inc, 17sc, (inc) 2 times, 16sc, inc, 2sc, inc, sc (46)

17-18) 46sc

Leave a long end for sewing

Front legs (2)

We knit with a light thread (do not follow the marker)

1) 2ch 6sc into the second loop from the hook (6)

2) (inc) 6 times (12)

3) (1sc, inc) 6 times (18)

4) Behind the back wall of 18sc

5) 18sc

6) 3hdc, 3sc, 4sc together, 3sc, 5hdc (15)

7) 6sc, dec, 7sc (14)

8) dec, 3sc, (dec) 2 times, 3sc, dec (10)

9) 9sc, (3hdc per 1 loop) 2 times (14)

10) 4sc, inc, 9sc (15)

11) 4sc, inc, 5sc together (12)

12) 10sc, dec (11)

13) 4sc, inc, 5sc, inc (13)

14-21) 13sc

22) 13sc

23) 2sc, inc, 2sc, (inc) 3 times, 2sc, inc, 2sc, inc (19)

24) 7sc, (inc) 2 times, 10sc (21)

25-26) 21sc

27) 5sc, dec, (3sc together) 2 times, dec, 5sc, dec (14)

28) 12sc, dec (13)

29-32) 13sc

33) 5sc, inc, 7sc (14)

34) 14sc

35) 6sc, inc, 7sc (15)

36) 15sc

To complete

Legs Rear (2)

Knit with light yarn (do not follow the marker)

1) 2ch 6sc into the second loop from the hook (6)

2) (inc) 6 times (12)

3) (1sc, inc) 6 times (18)

4) Behind the back wall of 18sc

5) 18sc

6) 3hdc, 3sc, 4sc together, 3sc, 5hdc (15)

7) 6sc, dec, 7sc (14)

8) dec, 3sc, (dec) 2 times, 3sc, dec (10)

9) 9sc, (3hdc per 1 loop) 2 times (14)

10) 4sc, inc, 9sc (15)

11) 4sc, inc, 5sc, 5 together (12)

12) 10sc, dec (11)

13) 4sc, inc, 5sc, inc (13)

14-24) 13sc

25) 5sc, (inc) 2 times, 6sc (15)

26) 6sc, inc, 6sc, (3hdc in 1p) 2 times (20)

27) 20sc

28) 6sc, inc, 8sc, 5hdc together (18)

29) 8sc, inc, 8sc, dec, 1sc (18)

30) 7sc, dec, 6sc, (dec) 2 times (17)

31) 6sc, 1sc, inc, 7sc, dec (18)

32) 7sc, inc, 8sc, dec (18)

33) 18sc

34) 7sc, inc, 8sc, dec (18)

35) 7sc, inc, 9sc (20)

36) 20sc

37) 4sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 4sc, inc, 5sc, inc (24)

38) 24sc

39) 7sc, inc, 9sc, inc, 6sc, inc (27)

40) 27sc



Knit with light yarn.

We count 4sc from the middle of the hind legs, starting from 5p we knit 7cc.


1) From 2p from the hook 31sc in the chain, 40sc on the hind legs, 30sc, inc on the other side


2) 3sc, connect the front legs 5sc along the leg, 88sc, 5sc along the leg, 3sc (114)

3) 114sc

4) inc, 1sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 30sc, inc, 7sc, inc, 14sc, inc, 7sc, inc, 30sc, inc

, 2sc, inc, 3sc, 1sc, inc, 2sc (125)

5) 125sc

6) 5sc, inc, 9sc, pr24sc, inc, 8sc, inc, 8sc, inc, 12sc, inc, 27sc, 2sc, inc, 9sc, inc

, 5sc (134)

7-10) 134sc

11) 64sc, 3sc together, 68sc (132)

12) 1sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 22sc, dec, 10sc, dec, 12sc, dec, 12sc, dec, 10sc, dec

, 22sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 5sc (121)

13) 121sc

14) dec, 4sc, dec, 7sc, dec, 16sc, dec, 7sc, dec, 10sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 10sc, dec, 7sc, dec

, 16sc, dec, 7sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 3sc (109)

15-18) 109sc

Make the frame

19) 12sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 5sc, dec, sc, dec, 3sc, (2sc, dec) 4 times (dec) 3 times, (2sc, dec) 4 times

, 3sc, dec, sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 18sc (90)

20) 25sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 1sc, dec, (dec) 7 times dec, 1sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 32sc (77)

21) 27sc, dec, 1sc, (dec) 5 times, 1sc, dec, 35sc, (70)

we stuff

22) 70sc

23) 70sc

24) dec, 51sc, dec, sc, dec, 2sc, dec, (1sc, dec) 3 times (63)

25) (dec) 3 times, 16sc, (dec) 3 times, 3sc together, (dec) 3 times, 14sc, (dec) 6 times (46)

26) (dec) 3 times, 11sc, dec, dec, 3sc together, dec, dec, 10sc, dec, dec, sc, dec, dec

Finish, finish

Ears (2)

Light yarn

1) 2ch 6sc in the second n


2) 2sc, (inc) 2 times, 2sc (8)


3) 3sc, (sc, hdc in the same loop) 2 times


4) 4sc, (dc, dc, hdc) into 1 loop, 5sc

Then we knit 6sc on the base

Turn, 6sc



Sew the hole and sew the head

Sew ears to the head

then follow the photos

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